New CDs Available!

May 21, 2016

mid-century frontrocker front sound frontconcept frontYup, the new CDs are available at all the major digital outlets!

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New CDs Getting Close!

September 17, 2014

concept frontsound frontrocker frontmid-century front

Just a heads up that our upcoming CD releases are on schedule. Stay tuned in October!

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New Releases This Fall!

August 27, 2014

Michael has four new releases this Fall. Below are some free downloads from each!

concept front


I’m trying to imagine what you, music lover, will think of this record.

First off, I love music as well so we’re good so far. It’s kind of emotional but all music has to be to be music.

I use electronic sounds, recordings of things outside, inside, real instruments. The thoughts are the same as for any other music; the form is what’s a little screwy. It’s hard to consume this but maybe that’s a good thing.

I’m not sure what one should do while listening to this. Perhaps consider their garden or the work-day ahead or the evening with or without et al. I can say the time of its writing was a time of romance and reflection; the two “r”s? Hope u like it. Here’s a sample to download: Allocate


sound front


Okay, this is different. I’m not sure what mood you want to be in when you listen to this, maybe up in the air about something. This will take your mind off things and perhaps put it onto other things. Then again, maybe not, you’ll have to decide but please do let me know should you be urged to do so.

Kind of cryptic, liner-note-wise, but the best I could come up with. A more practical description would be found sounds, instruments and effects combined to cross dimensions of space and time? Um, how about mostly mellow, dissonant, harmonious, probably some bombast in spots (but it’s the good kind of bombast). Here’s a sample to download: Filigree


rocker front


Jamming is an instrumental idea that goes on for a minute or so and then fades until someone gets another idea to jam about. So if you have a short attention span, this is the record for you. Most of these tracks are under two minutes. They are all what I call edited improvisations – basically a jam with some of the mistakes edited out. It’s fun to jam. I hope you like it. (This particular collection consists of electric guitars and drums, percussion, a few synths; I wrote them to be used as break songs. Some are loud and obnoxious). Here’s a sample to download: Darke



mid-century front


I’m liking that mid-century-modern vibe that’s swingin’ these days. Not that this music is like that, but the reference seemed an apt title. This music is not literal that way, in fact, you might not have noticed the reference if I hadn’t told you. It’s more a collection of tunes reflective of a time when music was more descriptive, it gave us another layer to think about in films, tv, radio. At least it did me.


Most of the pieces I wrote for my public radio program/podcast*, certainly a theatrical adventure in of itself. The band is: orchestral samples, electronic samples and instruments, no words (though lyrical in spots :)). So, enjoy a little theater of the mind and think of anything at all.

Here’s a sample to download: Overtone

*check it out here:



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May 08, 2012

Welcome to our first post on Cody Loop dot com. We’re still building the site. It’s a foundation right now but we’ll add the plumbing and electrical soon enough. Then music, music, music!

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